The benefits of Sports Massage for athletes15 May 2018

Sports massage (otherwise known as soft tissue therapy or tissue manipulation) is an excellent form of treatment for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and it has become an extremely popular option for recovery and rehabilitation from injuries. But whilst massage therapy is hugely beneficial for individuals from different walks of life, with the demand on the body increasing in athletics massages can prove to be a particularly good option for those who engage heavily in sports.

With this in mind, here are five key benefits for athletes:

Eases muscle tension

High-octane sport and physically demanding exercise can be a huge strain for any athlete and it’s perfectly normal to pick up aches and pains along the way as well as more minor injuries. Sports massage can be an excellent addition to any rehabilitation regime and can work alongside other forms of physiotherapy, helping to ease muscle tension and aid relaxation.

Pro-active recovery

Massage therapy can be an excellent way to recover from minor injuries that have occurred during sports and exercise and it is a more pro-active form of treatment than simple stretching and foam rolling. This means that the benefits are far greater with many athletes seeing the results after just one appointment. Beyond this, regular sessions can have a positive impact in the long term and enable athletes to regain their peak fitness levels.


Massage concentrates on specific areas of the body affected by injury. This personal and unique approach means that it is possible to hone in on where the problem lies for the individual athlete and focus on that area.

Improves circulation

The massage techniques used during a session aid with blood flow and lymphatic circulation, and this increased circulation in turn helps reduce swelling and removes toxins, thus aiding movement and muscle repair. Good circulation is extremely important for an athlete who is on the road to recovery.

Pain relieving

Through tissue manipulation, athletes can experience strong levels of pain relief. Many injuries, however minor, carry with them a great deal of discomfort and sports massage can aid with short term pain relief; the benefits can often be seen after just one session.

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The benefits of Sports Massage for athletes

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