Kegel8 offers a range of electronic pelvic toners alongside other accessories and supplements to assist you in Women’s Health exercises that will strengthen your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is typically weakened through childbirth or prolapse causing issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain and struggles with sexual intimacy. Regular Kegel exercises will improve and strengthen your pelvic floor leading to increased confidence and security.

What is the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit within the pelvis. It holds organs such as the bladder, uterus and intestines and it has to remain strong it order to control these organs effectively. When it becomes weak, issues from mild incontinence to severe prolapse can occur.

What is STIM?

The above video will give you a basic introduction to STIM (pelvic floor muscle stimulation) and the use of electrical impulse to assist the strengthening of the muscles. These are muscles that the brain is struggling to communicate with. Muscle contraction occurs after the nerves are alerted via this impulse and you can then begin work on exercising and improving the affected area.

Exercise Techniques

Exercises can also be done without the use of an electronic toner – these take more work and concentration but can be just as effective and are easier done on the go. Check out ‘The Knack’ and try it for yourself!

Which Probe is Right for Me?

Although they all work in a similar way, different types of Kegel8 electrical stimulation probes suit different people. Be sure to research beforehand and make sure you choose the one most suited to your needs.


Kegel8 Products

  • Kegel8 Mother Nurture – designed to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor pre-conception to prepare for during and after pregnancy. TENS can also be used to reduce pain during labour.
  • Kegel8 Ultra 20 – stimulate the pelvic floor via probe or electrode pad, used for many issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, lack of sensation etc.
  • Kegel8 Trainer – allows you to test whether you are exercising your pelvic floor correctly and track your progress.
  • Kegel8 Vaginal Cones – a set of 3 vaginal cones of different weights and sizes to allow you to start slow and advance as your pelvic floor becomes stronger.
  • Kegel8 V for Men – used for male incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Additional Resources

Manual Kegel exercises are great for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles but can seem tiresome and time-consuming. Using Kegel8 electronic stimulation pelvic toners allows you to sit back whilst they do the work for you. With guaranteed progress and improvement of pelvic health, it is a worthy investment. Don’t put it off any longer, find out more about how you can strengthen your pelvic floor and which toner is best for you.

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