Soft Tissue Injuries of the Lumbar Spine7 Sep 2016


Have you been over-doing it over the summer?  Too much gardening, long car journeys on holiday, too much sport or DIY?

Do you have back-ache and perhaps pain referred to your upper leg(s)?

Then it sounds like you may have a soft tissue injury to your lumbar spine.

back pain



The best treatment we can advise in the first instance is 48 hours rest for acute muscle spasm with a 10 minute walk every 2 hours.  If the discomfort persists then a mixture of Physiotherapy, acupuncture, TEN’s machine, applying heat packs can all help to alleviate your symptoms.  In the long term, if your back is a weak spot for you, then why not come in and we can help with long term advice around lifting, posture, preventing sports related injuries, childcare and computer ergonomic advice.

There are some great exercises that can be done at home to help prevent the development of chronic back problems.  Please find below a series of leaflets which will provide some easy to follow, simple exercises you can do at work or at home – we hope you find these useful!

General Lumbar mobility

General Lumbar strengthening

Neural stretching for Lumbar

Lumbar Flexion – Facet joints

Lumbar Extension – Disc & Sciatica

Advanced Core

Computer Ergonomics

Back care – Lying positions

Back care – Lifting

Back care – Daily activities

Back care – Sitting

Back care – Childcare


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Soft Tissue Injuries of the Lumbar Spine

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