Gait Analysis

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The physiotherapists at our clinic are able offer Gait Analysis based in Hertfordshire, to assess your walking and running technique to identify any problems and recommend the appropriate treatment. Orthotic Prescription is a remedy which may benefit you as part of your specific treatment plan following your Gait Analysis assessment.

The Types Of Issues Identified By Harpenden Physiotherapists

It is common for a problem to occur over time, or as a result of over training or injury. This can lead to issues such as inefficient biomechanics, tight muscles and  ligament laxity.

Usually, there is no need to correct these biomechanics if they aren’t causing any pain. However, sometimes these biomechanics can actually be the root cause of a problem and there are many different ways in which this can occur. The classic case involves a pronated ankle and a loss of the medial arch of the foot (a flat foot). This in turn may lead to increased stress and overloading through the inside of the knee joint and therefore result in knee and hip pain.

How We Will Help You

Our thorough initial consultation will involve an assessment of your gait pattern. We can then advise if orthotic prescription will be something that may benefit you as part of your specific treatment plan. Our orthotics are reasonably priced and will not involve a great expense.

Treatment May Include:

  • Exercise programmes
  • Mobilisation and manipulation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Orthotics
  • Advice and education
  • Sports specific warm up/down programmes
  • Preventative protocols

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Gait Analysis

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