10 Fitness Trends for 201921 Dec 2018

Looking to freshen up your fitness regime? From HIIT yoga to hi-tech wearable technology, check out these 10 fitness trends that will be big in 2019.

1.    High-intensity yoga

You’ve heard of HIIT – well, here’s the latest twist on the high-intensity trend. With high-intensity yoga, you get all the benefits of those short bursts of intensive and challenging cardio, combined with a calming and strengthening yoga session. Look out for HIIT yoga fusion classes in your local gym.

2.    Workplace workouts

It’s not good for us to spend too much time staying still, but for those of us in desk jobs, it’s hard to factor enough movement into the working day. In 2019, one of the big new exercise trends will be an increased fusion between work and exercise – with walking desks and fitness classes becoming the norm in many workplaces. Meanwhile, gyms will get in on the action by introducing areas dedicated to work.

3.     Virtual exercise classes

No time to travel? Let your fitness class come to you, by streaming a live exercise class straight to your home or workplace. You’ll join a network of virtual exercise buddies, all doing the same moves from afar.

4.    Hi-tech wearable fitness trackers

Fitbits and other wearable technology have been in the mainstream for a few years now, and the latest new fitness gadgets for 2019 promise to be more advanced than ever. Workout clothes made from smart fabrics will be able to monitor your heart rate, while smart watches and other GPS tracking devices will provide better analytics to help you track your progress.

5.    Smart equipment

Tired of changing the settings on the treadmill or cross trainer, whenever you begin a workout? 2019 will see an increase in smart gym equipment – machines that link together and select the right program for your fitness levels.

6.    Senior fitness

Keeping fit is vital for everyone, old and young – but the fitness industry tends to focus on the younger end of the market. That’s changing, and this year we’ll see an increase in the number of older people going to the gym. Equipment will be more user-friendly and personal trainers will tailor their programs to cater for older people.

7.    Bodyweight training

No room for fitness equipment in your home? Need to exercise on the go? Bodyweight training could be the answer. This popular form of training helps you to build your strength by utilising the resistance of your body weight in a series of specially designed exercises. Squats, burpees, lunges, planks and press-ups all feature in these highly effective workouts.

8.    Workout wellbeing

Exercising your body is great for physical fitness, but mental health is important, too. This year there will be a bigger emphasis on holistic health, with techniques like meditation and yoga being incorporated into more people’s fitness regimes.

9.    Flex appeal

Modern life is demanding – and for many of us, it’s hard to fit a regular gym slot into our chaotic lives. Flexible workouts are the way forward, with gyms offering greater freedom for patrons to use multiple branches in different locations. Airports and hotel chains are also getting in on the act, offering access to exercise equipment as part of their travel packages.

10. Recovery

Regular workouts are good for you, but there is such a thing as too much exercise. This year, it’s time to focus on recovery, and recognise how important this can be for building fitness and avoiding injury. Some gyms are beginning to offer recovery classes for those unsure of what they can and cannot do on their recovery days. For an effective way to soothe your muscles, why not invest in a sports massage?Woman in gym wearing red trainers next to a kettlebell

Treating ankle sprains

10 Fitness Trends for 2019

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