Kinesiology Taping

k-tape on leg: kiesiology taping harpendenAt our Harpenden clinic, we have been applying the science of Kinesiology Taping (K-Taping) for many years. Correctly applied it can assist with the treatment and support of muscles, tendons and ligaments, joint instabilities, mechanical function and alignment.

What Is Kinesiology Taping Used For?

K-Taping is now extensively used in competitive sport. Our physiotherapists have considerable experience of working with professional athletes either to help protect them during training and competition or to assist in recovery. Recognising its unique qualities we often use K-Tape as part of our treatment and rehabilitation programmes for many types of conditions.

Who Uses K-Taping?

That said, it is used across all different populations to great benefit.

Often, this can be for everyday use across many different work-based scenarios to help in the management of an ongoing problem, i.e. to help reduce ongoing plantarfasciitis (heel) pain in those who may be on their feet all day, to the office based employee who suffers from neck/shoulder pain due to spending significant amounts of time at a computer.

The tape is also widely used as part of our physio treatment in Hertfordshire for various different injuries. This includes but isn’t exhaustive to; helping to reduce swelling and bruising immediately post joint sprains, offloading painful and irritated joint surfaces, i.e. retropatellar (behind the knee-cap) pain and providing support to strained muscles or tendinopathies.

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Kinesiology Taping

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