Physiotherapy For The Elderly

You’ll be pleased to know that our Harpenden Physiotherapy offers a specially tailored service for the elderly or patients with decreased independence.

physiotherapy for the elderly

How Our Therapists Work

Firstly, we find out about the problems you, or a loved one are having; it could be finding it difficult to get up from a chair, walking up or down stairs or dressing.

We have portable electrotherapy machines and provide hands on treatment for painful and stiff muscles and joints and will provide you with individualised exercise programmes that will help you to regain your muscle strength, balance and general fitness leading to greater independence at home.

Treatment and Care For You

Physiotherapy for the elderly can be provided in our Harpenden clinic or if you live in the AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4, AL5, LU1 post code areas in the comfort of your own home. Our physiotherapist may also decide that a home visit is more appropriate for you. We can also advise you and your carers or family on suitable home aids and adaptations to make your life easier and give you and them peace of mind.


Our therapy includes:

·         Electrotherapy and hands on treatment
·         Strengthening exercise programmes to target weak muscles and balance programmes to help prevent falls
·         Activities to boost fitness levels
·         Advice on how to find comfortable sleeping positions and bed sore prevention
·         Treatment for and advice on how to manage painful or swollen joints
·         Support and advice for your carers and family members
·         Helping to improve your safety in your home

Call Us Today

Give us a call on 01582 761448 or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how our physiotherapy for the elderly can help you gain more independence or help a loved one feel more comfortable. Wherever you are, you are welcome to visit our Harpenden clinic or we can offer a home visit service to those based in the AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4, AL5, LU1 post code areas.

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Physiotherapy For The Elderly

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