Treating and Preventing Sports Injuries

What are Sport Injuries?tennis-player-knee-sports-injury

So many sports are out there to participate, enjoy and succeed within, yet unfortunately, so are the number of different injuries that can be encountered as a result, from the common to be obscure. Sporting injuries can be acute or chronic, but either way, they’ll prevent you from getting back to your sport whatever it may be. But, here at Harpenden Physiotherapy, every one of our physiotherapists working at our sports injury clinic in Hertfordshire have many years of experience treating athletes from many different sports.

Our Sports Injury Treatments

What does physiotherapy treatment/rehabilitation involve?

Assessment The first stage of rehabilitation is often the most critical. Understanding how an injury has potentially come about first time around can sometimes help to reduce the
likelihood of it re-occurring again. As such, we are firm believers in good advice and education, that in turn empowers clients and helps to grasp the concept of proactive physiotherapy, rather than reactive physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Services Hertfordshire team member helping a patient: musculoskeletal physioTreatment
 After a thorough assessment we will begin treating your injury, often utilizing hands on soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, electrotherapy and interactive and individualised exercise programmes. Harpenden Physiotherapy’s sports injury clinic will oversee your rehabilitation, progress it as required to reach your treatment plan goals and encourage you to return to your sport safely, efficiently and stronger.

Recovery After a diagnosis and treatment plan has commenced, the recovery process can continue. Rehabilitation using individual, corrective exercise techniques plays an important part of our holistic service and is integral to a full recovery.

How is prevention better than cure?

Our Hertfordshire based sports injury clinic will ensure that you understand how to potentially prevent a re-occurrence of an injury. Often, an injury will occur due to a combination of underlying biomechanical issues that aren’t necessarily representative of the injured area.

A great example of this is: A recreational runner training for an event is struggling with some lateral (outside) knee pain during running or using the stairs as they increase their training program mileage. The pain is on the outside of the knee, but is the knee the ONLY problem because that’s where the pain is?

Harpenden Physiotherapists’ expert team at our sports injury clinic in Hertfordshire will assess and identify whether the pain is possibly being caused by a culmination of poor control of the core, hips or ankle, weakness in the Gluteal muscles or muscles surrounding the ankle, or tightness of the Ilio-tibial band (ITB).

How does Sports Massage help?sports leg massage: sports massage hertfordshire

We also provide expert, effective sports massages that work well as part of an overall holistic treatment programme. Sports massages from our knowledgeable teamwork in numerous ways:

  • by increasing muscle length and range of motion
  • improving circulation to damaged muscle thereby aiding recovery
  • reducing post-exercise tone and stiffness
  • correcting any soft tissue issues that may be predisposing a potential injury.

How do I book an appointment?

Find out how treatment from the Harpenden Physiotherapy sports injury clinic can get you pain-free and back to peak performance get in touch. As well as treatment at our Harpenden clinic we may be able to offer physiotherapy home visits.

Please call us on 01582 761448 or get in touch to book in at our sports injury clinic.

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Treating and Preventing Sports Injuries

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